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Transition Services

Benefits Assistance (SSI, Medicaid, OPWDD): PBS provides direct support and assistance to families in applying for financial aid and disability benefits.  Families are offered guidance in obtaining relevant documentation, formulating history, diagnosis, guardianship, and assets to facilitate a smooth benefits application process. 

Community Development/Life Skills Training:  Direct support services are available to facilitate the development of community contacts, resources, and natural supports in a student’s identified areas of interest.  Development efforts include community networking, locating relevant peer groups, participating in volunteer work or special interest groups, travel training, and utilizing self-monitoring, self-management and self-advocacy skills to ensure successful community membership.

Person-centered Planning (PCP)-initial/new contact:  Full intake includes a minimum of 4-6 hours (two PCP sessions) to complete planning tools (i.e., MAPS), and to formulate a vision statement, timeline, and action plan for transition goals and services.

Postsecondary Supports: College planning services include a minimum of 10-15 hours at start up to support college matching, initial applications/interviews, development of a Resource Notebook, class schedule, and self-monitoring plan for college.  Following initial start-up, long-term college coaching can be provided on an as needed basis for academic support, problem solving, and social networking on campus.

Start-Up Brokerage (OPWDD Contract): Initial plan development for those interested in pursuing self-determination.  Services include developing a circle of support and facilitating circle meetings, person-centered planning, development of a self-determination plan in accordance with the individual’s service plan (ISP) goals, development of a weekly schedule and budget, and completion of all required documents for OPWDD submission.

Transition Skills Assessment:  Administration of the Brigance Transition Skills Inventory or other standardized measures of transition skills can be completed in full or in part for the purpose of identifying students’ strengths and transition service needs and developing IEP goals.  Areas assessed include: 

                •  Academic skills: Reading, Listening & Speaking, Functional Writing, and Math Skills   

                •  Postsecondary Skills: Interests & Choices, Job-related writing skills, Job-related knowledge, and 

                    Communication Technology                                                                                             

                 •  Independent Living and Community Participation Skills: Independent Living Skills related to Food,

                     Clothing,  Housing, Money and Finance, Health, Travel and Transportation, Community Resources,    

                     Community Signs and Citizenship.                                          

Work Internships:  Work internships include a minimum of 10-15 hours at start-up to create the internship, complete a job analysis/task analysis, complete intern agreements, development a work schedule, development/train job coaches/natural supports, and implement a system for monitoring progress.   Following initial start-up, long-term coaching at the internship site can be provided on an as needed basis for additional skills training, problem solving, and career planning.  We have an expansive list of companies and organizations that have hosted our students, which can be viewed at the link below:


      PBSC work sites.pdf